Sunday, January 31, 2010

More orange lights!

Published: Thursday, 29th May, 2008 11:46am
'UFO researchers look into sightings over Saltcoats

CALLS are still flooding into the Herald office about the recent UFO sightings in Saltcoats on April 27 and several overseas enthusiasts have been contacting us with their opinions.

One long-term researcher, Steve Tobias, from American has emailed us this week and completely disregards comments made by Nick Pope. He said: 'Nick Pope is not going to be a very good expert on UFOs, since he is not completely unbiased in his approach, being an ex British defense official at the UFO desk in your nation in the past years.

'After extensive research I believe there has been an extensive cover up in sightings of unidentified flying objects and that many of these orange lights are in fact UFO ships. After reading your article and watching the video I believe the lights spotted in your town are also UFO space ships and not any form of firework as suggested.'

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