Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moving on up!

I like this video. Some of the better UFO evidence I have seen.
Also the same night but a thousand miles west in Scotland this report.

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Strange lights in the sky above Alloway?

Apr 10 2009 by Edwin Lawrence

A MYSTERIOUS sight was spotted in the skies above Burns’ birthplace on Saturday night.

An Alloway reader tells us she saw 11 orange-coloured lights in a clear starry sky.

She was so intrigued by what she saw from inside her house, that she went outside to confirm her eyes weren’t deceiving her.

Our reader tells us: “It was about 10pm on Saturday, April 4 and the lights moved slowly from the west until they disappeared about three minutes later.

“They were almost the same distance apart, and I would say about helicopter height, but silent.

“It’s a real mystery to me, and I just wonder if anyone else saw these lights.”

Well did you? Call Edwin Lawrence in the Ayrshire Post newsroom on 01292 262200 or send an email to if you can shed any light on the matter.

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